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Away from the bustle of the city, spread over 3 acres, Snehodiya is a retirement haven for senior citizens. Here it is possible to maintain the lifestyle that the elderly have been used to all their lives and they can continue living life on their own terms.
A wide expanse of green that is ideal for physical activities, facilities that are as luxurious as that of a 5-star hotel, round-the-clock emergency health services, security and air-conditioning, make the place a dream home.
The G+10 residential building provides serviced apartments to the elderly. They don’t have to bother about daily chores like housekeeping, laundry and cooking. Facilities like a small kitchenette, fridge, microwave and crockery are all provided.
With the daily routine taken care of, senior citizens can fill up their calendar with activities, club meets and cultural events.
Snehodiya is elegantly designed for quality community living.


The West Bengal Housing Infrastructure Development Corporation Ltd. (WBHIDCO) is a Government of West Bengal Enterprise under the Government of West Bengal, having its office at 35-1111, Biswa Bangla Sarani, New Town, Kolkata-700156, West Bengal. The Housing Infrastructure Development Corporation (Hidco) plans and executes development projects in the entire 6,000–7,000 hectare area in Rajarhat, Kolkata, West Bengal.

Hidco is trying to develop Rajarhat, New Town as a futuristic smart city. HIDCO has prepared the LUDCP and it is developing all infrastructures like roads, drains, sewerage line, water supply lines, major beautification works and other related major works as per the master plan. With multinational IT giants are setting up campuses in the area, the civic body wants to make the infrastructure full–proof.

As a part of its social commitment, HIDCO has embarked upon building an abode for senior citizens – a nook to offer you the peace and quiet you deserve. HIDCO gives you beautifully designed serviced apartments so that you can enjoy active retired life without having to worry about mundane daily chores.


Design Consultant

When it was decided to build Snehodiya next to the Senior Citizen’s Park, there was need for a design consultant to plan and design the project. An expert committee headed by Prabir Mitra, a renowned architect in Kolkata was set up to evaluate and decide on the competitive bids. After detailed evaluation of technical and financial bids the committee finally recommended PACE Consultants. PACE established in 1972 by architect Hiren Chaudhury and engineer Manab Basu Malik has been setting the best standards in architectural consultancy for more than 40 years in Eastern India and offering a plethora of services that include Architecture, Interior Design, Master Planning, Urban Design, Landscape Architecture, Sustainable Design and Project Management Consultancy. They are a group of dedicated architects, engineers, designers and project management consultants who believe that the “best way to prepare for the future is to design it”


Mackintosh Burn Limited, a Govt. Of West Bengal Enterprise, was founded in the year 1834 by James Mackintosh as Mackintosh Burn Company (now Mackintosh Burn Ltd.) with a view to fulfilling the need of rapidly converting “SUTANATI” to CALCUTTA as the Capital city of the then British Empire in India. Since its inception this company has always gained the patronage and faith of the people due to their excellence and devotion for every endeavor. Now the company uses state-of-the-art technology to convert every dream into a reality.

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